SANIMAR´S CONSTRUCTIONS is the main company in the construction industry in murcia for his technology and his human resources. sanimar is formed by a big team of profesionals with a comun objective, achieve the satifaction of our clients.


Sanimar´s constructions was formed in 1988. at the beggining it was a familiar bussines but now is one of the  best companys in murcia. his specialties are the concrets structures, civil works, making industrials buildings, and also estate sales.

our compàny treats to minimize the risk of this uncertain market with a lot of effort.


Sanimar´s, strategy is aimed at contributing to the improvement of working conditions and health of employees in our company, providing training as needed to improve training and safety of this company. this strategy has allowed a remarkable change in sanimar´s profile, enriching  this  family company, to one of the strongest in its sector.


Prevention of labor  risks in sanimar is very important. our commitment is to protect the security and health of employees


We have a management based on iso 9001, and have been awarded the business excellence award 2005 by coec and award safety and health at work in the field of construction of Murcia 2009 by frecom.



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